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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

I didn't know about this lounge at all.

I was so bored waiting for Bob. And while eating MeeHoon Soup i bought from my office, i was looking for acoustic version songs through YouTube.

And i found this BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge! Which is totally going to be my favorite spot after this.

Here are the songs i find very interesting and very acoustic! In fact, they sing other bands' or other singer's masterpiece. I must say they are very talented singers as they are able to sing a song that isn't theirs.

Nice, huh?!


Paramore : Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)

One Republic : Mercy (Duffy cover)

The Noisettes : When You Were Young (The Killers cover)
* Hell i don't know anything about The Noisettes at all, but after watching this - Damn, she's good! I did some Google about The Noisettes, they sing good songs too! Bob, tolong download dulu their album ok....

Avril Lavigne : The Scientist (Coldplay cover)
*can't find a better video of this, just open your ears and listen la ok.

Well, you can enjoy more with video posted in YouTube.


of Ah Yen's big day and Adam Lambert and 2012

Bernadette Chung got married last Saturday, on 21 November 2009! Yey Ben, finally! The thing is, i felt left behind because i didn't get the chance to attend her big day, to at least celebrate with her. She invited me about a month ago, i had to turned it down. I had to working. No annual leave. All booked for my Christmas and New Year holiday. Geez....

Hope Ben understands my situation, being so far away from home, it is not easy for me to just jump here and there.

Sorry Ben. I bet you had great times on that day. All i can do is to congratulate you both and see the pictures that Zena, Audrey and Chris uploaded in the Facebook.

One person, really came into my mind was Leon. He, of course, was one of Ben's closest friend. Wouldn't it be just marvelous if he is still around.

Rest in Peace, dear friend. Wish you were here.

Well Ben, i am sooooooo happy for ya.

Apart from that, Adam Lambert's song Time for Miracles is an absolute great song! Good choice for taking that song into 2012 soundtrack. He of course my AMERICAN IDOL favorite. He is, indeed, the best in AI history. Agree?! Me sooo agree with myself!

Kris Allen, you are cute... but i like Lambert more. It's his voice that i can't resist from. His creativity. Again, he is the best! (My my... my gorgeous friend, DetroitRox - i am sure she sooooo gonna disagree with me... hahha! Lov u, girl)

As for the movie, it is good to see John Cusack back on track. It's a good movie. Let's just hope that kind of natural disaster won't happen to our world. Not now, not in the future.


Click here to watch the first video of Adam Lambert for his song Time for Miracles which was featured in 2012 movie.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

strange and beautiful & wicker park

Strange And Beautiful. I've been always listening to this song. Til now, this is still the best song. If you guys listen to this song... u might find it very moving, dark with lights, i don't know. Just love it.

And only today, i got to know who is the singer of that song. - Aqualung. Well, didn't really know this singer well but he made the song good with his voice and the piano.

To me, it sounds so mystery. Mystery with so much love in it.

I know this song from a movie. The movie's title, WICKER PARK, it is a love story of Matt and Lisa - played by (my love...) Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger.

I just can't describe how i love the movie and of course, the song completes the whole meaning of the movie.

My recommendation to girls out there. Watch this movie. It's worth it. Trust me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

of Mr. Depp and Ms. Cotillard and a little bit of Ms. Paradis

Good Lord.

I am so in love with Johnny Depp!

I bet everyone is. Im a bit jealous with Vanessa Paradis. Plus the children? You are damn lucky girl. I envy this family!

I like him being so mysterious man.

Oh, i just love him. I do.

Here is the latest movie of him.

Public Enemies.

I just love the way he reacted plus the sad sad looking-face when his girlfriend was arrested in front of him and he couldn't do anything about it. And his face when he drove away from that place crying and sobbing for he knew it from that moment, that it would be the last time he will ever see her. Geez... that's a real touching part!

and i think i have a new favorite actress in mind. Marion Cotillard. After watching La Vie en Rose, i think she is the top actress now - hey, don't forget, she's an Oscar winner! By the way, it is tough job to be the legendary French singer, Edith Piaf. I don't think there will be another actress that could act as perfect as Ms. Cotillard. She is indeed a talented actress. 100%!

Well then. Enjoy. Public Enemies and La Vie en Rose.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lately... i've been so addicted to Shania Twain's songs. Just three songs.

+ You've Got a Way
+ You are Still the One
+ From This Moment

I'm in so romantic mood recently. I listened to only these three songs from my Samsung mobile.

MAS transport.
In the public bus.
In my car (coz Bob listens to his songs from the car player).

Really... funny. But i do get sentimental whenever i listen to the 3 songs, especially - From This Moment. Maybe because there is a man's voice singing along as a second voice - i find it very handsome-voice.


I first know about Shania Twain when i watched Twister (1996 film). The soundtrack is No One Needs To Know by Shania Twain.


Monday, November 2, 2009

You had me at 'Hello'.

Hwaaaaaa... again and again, over and over.... i never get bored of this song. And of course, the movie as well including its memorable quotation of - You had me at 'Hello'.

Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen.

Jerry Maguire by Cameron Crowe.

Starring : Renée Zellweger and Tom Cruise.

All American Rejects @ KE672

While busy checking in a Business Class passenger, a close friend of mine, Dzul, whispered to me.

Darlene, cuba ko tengok passengers di sebelah counter ko. Macam Rob Thomas kan?

A group of people with tattoos, piercings, rings, punk shirts with some odd rock fashions.

I looked and turned to Dzul.

Dorang ni somebody la, Dzul. US artist ni!

Getting excited. Yes. I always get waaaaay too excited if i see any US band in front of me. I remember long time ago when i saw INXS, I excused myself from doing my flight just to get around them. We took many pictures together!

I asked Dzul if he knows any of them. He said they looked familiar but couldn't remember the name of the band.

I looked at Fazilah. She is a tall girl, and when i looked at her - she was already too happy and was hiding her head behind the counter - she gave me signal that in front of us memang someone famous! I immediately dialled her intercom, and she said - ALL AMERICAN REJECTS!

I told Dzul, and he said - yeah, move along move along.... lalalala!

I am not really into their songs - but then, hey - they are famous!!! I rather be proud seeing them than our local artistes.

They spent more than an hour checking in. Kindda puas hati also la looking at them.

The lead singer, hmmm... not so friendly, but then i saw him walking using a walking stick, ohhhhh, maybe that is what makes him so grumpy, i guess. But the rest of the band mates, they were real friendly. Fazilah took a picture of them.

I even got their big picture with their autographs on it. Thanks to the band's manager. Fazilah got one too. Jackie, our Korean Air Manager got two, dedicated to her daughters.

I know their songs but never really my fav.

But there was one song i used to like long time ago. The song was featured in AMERICAN WEDDING movie. Can't recall what year was that.

Here is the song. SWING SWING by All American Rejects.

Layan la....