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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

When I first heard, I couldn't believe. But I was oping for miracle when you are in the hospital. Deep inside me, says she is not going through it, which worries me.

I checked on the internet, clearly checking for updates of her in the internet.

Last night, around midnight, i read the most devastated news from Bernama page. Her death was comfirmed at 2325pm.

There was a silence.

An hour later, i brought the bad news to my fiancee.

I am going to miss her smile. I first saw her on Korean Air flight arrival from Incheon-Kuala Lumpur. She smiled at me.

I checked her in to KLM flight at the counter, she was the most friendly person on that night. She talked a lot about Geneva where her movie was nominated at. I can't recall what movie was that. She was a wonderful person, with great smiles!

I am going to miss her. Her works - there be no more like hers, after this. This woman has her own idea to make things remembered by many people. Her ads really open people's mind. Same goes to the films she made. I am going to miss all that. Her idea, her brilliant great work.

There will be no more like her. Replacement is definitely impossible.

Yasmin Ahmad, there be no one like you in this world. We need you, yet you left us to be with God. May you rest in Peace now. God bless and condolence to you dear family.


yasmin ahmad

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am so tired. God knows how tired i am now.

I just can't stand 4am shift! I always sleep late, and how am i to wake up early???

No idea. I end up feeling sleepy everyday (only during my 4am shift).

I hate it. Or hate my job???

I'm too old to look for another job. Wonder why i picked this job in the first place.

They didn't extend me extra hours today. That's weird. But good.

At least, i get the chance meeting up Bob's brother and sis and Valerie. They were at my place for lunch. I missed having lunch with them.

My plan today is - to go sleep early. See if i could do that.


;) taken last week. Cibbo.