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Saturday, March 20, 2010


18th March 2010. The date that i will never ever forget in my life. The date was my last day with MAS.

And as for today onwards, i am no longer a MAS staff. To know that i am officially off with MAS, that really hurt me. But i have to think about my future. The most important thing is that i have to move on. I do not wish to stay longer in KL. Somehow, i have to move back to KK. To where i belong.

KK is the place i belonged to. I have a beautiful family and i want to spend every minute with them. Mummy, Daddy, and my lovely sisters.

To do this, i had to let go my carier with MAS. My long Seven years service with MAS. Throughout the years, i've made great friends. I will never forget them, i will do my best to keep in touch with each of them.

Of course i am sad. Who would never feel that? I've been working with them for goddamn 7 years!

Dzul is the best of all. Great friend that i will always cherish in my heart. He's been there during my ups and downs. Leaving the job means leaving Dzul behind too.

I miss him dearly now. Huhuhuhuuuu.....

And the most important person - Hobbes. My fiancee. We will take this as a challenge in our relationship. We'll get through this.

As much as i think this is hard, but one of us have to start the difficult decision until the other one follows. I guess I am the one take the move and he will be joining me later.

Early February, i went for Korean Air interview in KK. Then, i went for the second one in KL town office. The result - i got the job. It offers me almost the same as what i get from MAS. I accepted the job.

And here i am in KK now. Will start my carier with Korean Air on next Monday. I am pretty nervous. Working with foreign carrier is whole lot new experience to me. It is indeed a new challenge for me. Most of all, a new experience in my life.

I miss my Hobbes very much. I just hope he understand my decision. I know this is not easy for him and of course for me as well... but like i said, we'll manage.

Goodbye Malaysia Airlines. Hello Korean Air.