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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i wont be missing you.

enough is enough.


the hardest thing to do.

Cut it to pieces.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just got back from work.

I just hate my department - day by day, it's just getting worse and worse!

I love MAS but not the higher level people in my dept. Especially those who in charge of rostering staff.

Enough about work. Now that i am home, i'm feeling much better with Hobs around.

Miss my sisters....

Miss my family...

I wish to stay longer the other day. I was kind of hoping that i wouldn't be able to make on that flight. But unfortunately, i was accepted on that flight, along with Jane D.

To see Judy cried while hugging me, that moment really made me want to stay and just stop working in KL.

I love my family very much. They are definitely my LIFE. Can't imagine my life without them.

And of course, I love my Hobs too...

On my way home from work just now, i listened to my old CD i found in the cd folder. It was Sarah Maclachlan's cd. I love her, the voice, the songs, the music. So much feeling in her songs. I imagine all things while listening to her musics.

I have this aloe vera gel on my face. Can't really talk to Hobs coz i don't wan to ruin the 'gel mask'. hehehe!

He is watching Bean: The Holiday movie right now. From our room, i could hear him laughing in that living room, as if he is watching it for the first time.

He, somehow, is still sick - he is not feeling very well but yet, i could see the cigarette!

How to get well if like that...?!

Macam budak budak... :)

i still love you though.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

missing my hometown!

i am actually back in KL.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a day! Really tired but i enjoyed every minute of it.
We spent a few hours at Tampasak - a small family gathering. Nothing much, just makan makan and pukul gong.
The thing that i enjoyed most was being with my little cousins. We played PS2 and PSP all day. It was fun spending time with them.
Suzan came a little late and it was already raining when she arrived. She was still in her Air Asia uniform. Funny.
We left the place at around 5pm. On our way home, we saw an accident. The plat number was 1899. Hmmm... 4D.
Me, my aunt, grandma and mum reached home first whilst Suzan, Judy & Brenda went to fetch our cousin, Boy, from his workplace at Karamunsing. He will be staying another night at our house.
At this time, my grandma is sleeping. She is a little bit drunk. And the rest of the family members are watching UNBORN movie. I am not watching it but the TV is right behind me. I am not watching it but i could hear every single word from the movie. I am just not a big fan of horror movie.
I am sleepy now. Want to go to sleep but takut sikit to go to the room.
But, what the hell ~ i am so sleepy... need to go to sleep!
Oh, met an old friend at Gaya Street this morning. Chris. He is married now, he introduced me to his wife. They have a kid, if i am not mistaken - 6 months old. I think i congratulated him, i don't know - ingat ingat lupa.
He probably think ~wow, Darlene's so fat oredi.
Fat pun fat la.... hehe :)


Suprisingly, we are home early from Gaya Street.
Why? Well, nothing's personal. The place is always the same. Not much different from my last visit.
But then, gosh...! i think i spent almost $100 there. Mostly, souvenirs and food.
Memang mata rambang ba.... hihihi!
Although we spent little time there, i'm looking forward to visit that place again on my next holiday.
Got to go out again. A little tired but today is my last day in KK. Better be tired than nothing.

Happy Easter peeps!

Jezzzzzz..............! I really have problem using this laptop! I typed and next thing i know, all is gone!

I hate it. Well, forget it. Let's start over.

Carlos, the cat is really bugging me at this very moment. He is curious with what i'm doing. He keeps on hopping onto the keypad.

Ignore him. He's on my chest right now and watching every single word i typed on the screen with his little round curious eyes. As much as it being little naughty all day, he is still a darling to me. What a cute little creature.

Oh yes, it passed midnight, today is Sunday - Happy Easter everyone!

Well, we have all things planned for tomorrow... oh, not tomorrow... but today!

First of all, we are going to Gaya Street. Then jalan jalan for a while before going to my uncle's house at Tampasak. I don't really know why we are going there but according to Judy, we are going there to pukul gong. They just bought one set of gongs and it is time to pukul the gong. Traditionally, they said if we never pukul the gong after buying it, it will never make a sound out of it - it's more like BISU to them.

I don't know. It's something that i find unexplainable and of course, ridiculous in some ways. But hey, i am a Kadazan - i grew up with traditions and superstitious beliefs around me. All religions and races do have their very own traditions.

Unexplainable. Hmmmm....

It's 1:30am. i am not that sleepy yet, but i think it is time for to go to bed.

Have to make one more short call to my darling Hobs. Just to say goodnight.

Oh... about the hamster babies, out of 8 babies - now left only one baby. Well, it's okay. First born normally like that, i guess. Hobs was a little worried though. :)

p/s : i miss my dad. Happy Easter, Daddy. & love you, Hobs!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

on welcoming new members in the family

Bob called me this afternoon. He suspected that my female winter pearl hamster is pregnant.

He said the hamster looks really big than the male.

I was jumping here and there. Happy la.

That time i just finished helping Suzan at her leech-breeding farm. I didn't help much though other than screaming and shouting... geli la!

And the he called again in the evening.

He said - sudah beranak la the hamster.

I screamed!

Too bad that i am not there to witness everything.

Well, i guess Bob has to jaga them while i am still here in KK.

Good luck Hobs~!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can't believe that i am actually in KK now.

I took 4am flight from KUL to BKI. Reached KK at about 6.30am. Just in time for breakfast with family. We spent almost an hour at a coffee shop, catching up stories with my parent and sisters.


But deep inside me, i am still thinking of Anna, hoping that she is alright.

Today is Brenda's birthday. There will be a small barbecue party for her tonight. Guests? Family only la...

Can't believe she's eighteen years old now. She grew into a fine lady, i must say. She's smart too. She even has a boyfriend, as much as i think that she's too young for love, but what the heck, she's all grown up now. She knows what is best for herself.

Ahhhhh, i am so full right now. Feeling a little bit sleepy too. Kenyang la. Just finished makan Bak Kut Teh (the one i brought from Nilai) with family.

Shower. That's what i need right now.

Hope this Easter holiday would at least free my mind from thinking about work. Work at the airport - really killing me, stressful.

I really need this holiday. I guess.

*miss my Hobbes so much, he was not able to join me. Yalah, Roxy and those cat, kena ada tukang jaga lor... Hehe, love you Hobbes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old deleted, New created.

Yep. This blog is totally NOT my first.

I created many blog before this blog. But then, since tidak beroperasi that well, so, i create a new one.

Teda salah mah kan....? :)

I can't really recall what was my last blog about. I really love writing diary during my teen years, as i got older... i always thought of getting a new diary for me to write, tapi... iyalah, tua sudah kan, ada hati lagi mau tulis tulis...


What brings me to blog is because i think this is a way for me to remember whatever things that have come across my mind. I am a forgetful person, so, blogging is a good way for me to remember a few little things that i wouldn't want to forget.

I lost a friend on the 23rd March 2009. Received a call from a friend. It was at 5:30am. What a devastated news! Went straight to the police station to meet his wife, a friend as well. When i found her crying, helplessly, on that chair that morning, it really hit me, it broke my heart.

Asthma attack while driving himself to a nearby 24hrs clinic. Hit the road divider. Died on the spot.

Both husband and wife are my ex-housemate. We stayed together for 2 years.

Ups and downs? We always share that moments together. Conflict? We had our moments of that too, but it was more about loving and taking care of each other as a family.

I love both of them very much. With all my hearts, they are truly like a family to me.

A few of his things are left in this house. Those thing reminds me of him. And Anna, his wife.

She will survive this hard times. I will help her in every way i could.

Anna, life is definitely a long lesson in humanity. This is a part of it. You must learn to be strong and survive life. Trust me, he is around to see you through this lesson.

Hafiz, rest in peace. You will always be remembered.