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Friday, October 19, 2012

Active movements

Baby's kicks getting stronger day by day... And i just love it! Do it again, Baby!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding and Flies

The whole day today i was looking forward to go to this wedding reception of a cousin that i barely knew.

I just couldnt wait to go probably because i cant wait to see what they are serving. And also because i am always hungry. Oh yeah, that is a plus if you are pregnant, it is like eat all you can!

But... While queuing at the food counter, my dad showed me something. Flies was everywhere! And more shockingly, there were flies' eggs on one of the dishes!

And that turned off my appetite.

I hope no one gets sick from this reception.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's been raining all day. Are we in rain season already?

Hope everyone out there reaches home safely.

Little angel

Just look at her! Such an angel...

Baby April.
During this pregnancy, i had to visit two different place for prenatal check ups. Well, the other one doesnt include prenatal checks though but i still visit the clinic for other things.

I had my first ultrasound check with the printed baby scan at Klinik Tokou in Donggongon because i just need to make sure that there is something growing inside me. And Bang! There is one! I almost cried when the doctor showed me the baby's heart.

Then the doc said, i should really start visiting the government clinics for prenatal checks. He suggested me that i should go to government practice clinic rather than to a private and expensive hospital.

And so i followed his advice and started to go to Klinik Kesihatan Putatan for all my check ups. It's free and free as long as you can stand the long queues! Ooooh dear, the queues are so long with loud noises of children playing and running around. I cant tell which one is the parent because there are just too many of them in there. That place similar to fish market! Even the nurses had to shout for patients names. Only 1 to 2 rooms using number system, the rest is by shouting out the names!

Well i cant just switch clinic after registering myself in here and most of the lab tests such as blood test and urine test been done here. So i dont think i want to go all through that again or start all over again if i switch clinic.

The reason why i choose to stay is because the nurse treat me good. Once you are in the nurse's room, you almost forget how busy it was at the waiting area. They talked to you nicely and really concern about you being pregnant. That's the only reason why i stick to this clinic.

Other than that, you have to stick your arse to the fact that every visit will takes about 4-5 hours TOP! I just hope anyone out there who decided to use this clinic must be as patience as i am! It's not an easy task to be in that long queue espeacially when you are pregnant like me.

I still visit the first clinic because i need updates on baby ultrasound and of course some printouts too because i just need to update my Husband using that printouts. The government clinic does the ultrasound too but they dont have the printout facilities. Darn!

Talking about which place you need to go for prenatal checks doesnt really matter if you go to government or private. To me as long as i receive the treatment that i should receive during this pregnancy, im all good. If you are willing to spend extra cash in private clinic, go for it! You will still receive the same treatment, same medicine, just minus the long queue and noises.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I dont feel tired. I am still on that active mode. Mum said, take easy on each thing i do but, especially at work, i tend to forget that i am actually pregnant! Thank God i dont run anymore from counter to gate or vice versa. I managed to slow it down by walking fast! Hahaha....

Anyway, im now 22nd week pregnant. Is my belly huge? Husband said it is showing already. I begin to feel the baby twist and turn in my belly somewhere last week or probably in last two weeks. It feels amazing!

I went to KL last Friday to stay a few days with Husband. I was soooo happy just to meet and spend couple of days with him. Yep, i cant deny the fact that im am quite sad to see us not staying together. Especially when i am pregnant. Whilst other couples stay together right after their marriage, me and Husband on the other hand, have to be in that long distance relationship as husband and wife... Due to work commitment, he has to stay in KL and me here in KK. He is planning to quit the job and will find another job here in KK. In the meantime, we will just have to agree this method, we will keep visiting each other whenever we have the chance. And of course, phone calls are important too.

I sprain my wrist while sleeping and it still hurts until today. The worst part is that i sprain my right wrist. I cant write properly and even having hard times driving car. It has been 2 full weeks now and the pain hasnt got down yet. I think the pain is part of the nature in pregnancy. My dad said, being pregnant is not easy and that includes all the pains. Oooo... I just hope it is not because i broke my wrist or anything worse than that. If this because of pregnancy, i will take it - cant complain much. After all, despite of the pain, i am still feeling overjoyed with this pregnancy. So, that pain dont really bother me that much.

I pray to God, like always, to bless and grant me and Husband and my baby a good health, and same goes to my family and his family. I am just thankful that i still have my family with me and that i can seek their help with my pregnancy while husband is away in KL. So far, all of them are very supportive and i am soooo blessed to even born in this family.

Last night, we had a rosary prayer at my mother in law's place for my late father in law 2 years death anniversary. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday too is my sister's 2nd year wedding anniversary. I wished her by sending text but didnt get anyrelly from her. She probably busy arranging candlelight dinner with her husband. I hope soon she will get pregnant too!

Picture inset is the latest ultrasound image i took last week so i could show it to Husband when i visited him last Friday.

I still dont know its gender. I was like okay baby, surprise mummy!

Ooppps, that's another picture of me and Husband. Look, im huge already!