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Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh look..!


Finally received the official letter about my Dispatch Svc Extension.

All in Korean language, tho. Hihihi.... only Kojoy knows how to read...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double date at TGIF

Yesterday we spent the whole day with Darry and Efie! We had a wonderful time together, nevermind the tiredness. We went to One Utama, Damansara. We, girls, did a little bit of shopping, went for a lovely dinner at TGIF and finally watched Reel Steel at GSC.

Ordered only a few from TGIF menu. But wait til they send to food to table - it's just A LOT! Totally worth your money! The menus we had was, Fried Mac and Cheese, TGIF 3 for All, French Onion Soup, Chicken and Shrimp Diablo, and Chicken Salad.

Double date with Darry and his fiancee, Efie.

Fried Mac and Cheese, TGIF 3 for All, French Onion Soup!

TGIF faces - me and my Hobs!


So, my Kalman (company website) said my dispatch service in KLIA will end on the 6th November 2011. Meaning, on the 7th November, i should be back in KK. But then again, ROK feels that i should stay in KLIA until KK flight resumes which is on the 17th. Okay... no problem. I'm not in a rush either. Then, my KK Boss emailed me that i should be going back on the 7th. I said, i have no problem with that too - only that, you have to talk to ROK regarding that. I'm not in that level to speak with ROK. That should be a communication between Boss to Boss - Korean way la... if this is a local company, Boss ka, Staff ka, Kuli ka... hantam saja.

Long story short - they decided to let me go on the 19th. So, my last day in KLIA will be on the 18th. Kitai betul, kena pula Boeing 747-400... geez!

Anyways, that's all good with me. I am okay with all that, after all, i get to stay longer with my Hobs here. All i really want is, at the end of this whole thing, i must be back at my hometown. There is no other place like home, indeed.

I know Korean Air will only operates few months in KK after this November operation resumes. I heard, February 2012 would be the final month? I don't know... that's what the rumors said. Even Denpasar staff told me that. Hmmm... i love Korean Air because the money is damn good plus the bonuses twice a year and of course the once in a year staff's incentive! But then again, if the company's fate should be short-lived, then there is nothing else i can do about it. I guess, i have to look for another.

Then... this is the Big news of all. It really made my day! My sister wants me to join her setting up this Travel Agency of hers! I don't know if working with the family is good or not but still, working with people you love is just something wonderful you could've imagined.

And of course, i said YES! At least i am not completely out of job!

So far soooo good and OKAY to me!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

The words -DON'T WANT

I read in my company website KALMAN, that my dispatch service extended until 6th November 2011. Well, looks like i'm going leave KL again very soon.

But, my heart now keeps telling me this is not going to be an easy departure. This time i feel a little bit harder than before.

I don't want to go back to KK. If i leave, Hobs is going to be alone here. I mean, alone in the house. Daniel is back to KK for good since August.

But again, i don't want to stay working here in KL! Seriously i cannot adapt the way Korean works here. Other colleagues are fine but not the Koreans.

Working with them will only make my life even difficult.

I don't want to go but i don't want to stay.

This afternoon he said to me, i will be alone here when you finally leave KL on November. I said, i know and i don't feel like i want to go. Then he said, see, you were given the option to stay but you decided to go instead. And i replied, eventually, you'll be back too, right? He answered, yes, next year. But until then, i'll be alone here....

Pity my Hobs....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bad week

First, i got into a car accident. Thank God it was not really serious although it involved four cars and a motorcycle.

Second, i broke my big Ikea glass and accidently cut my finger.

Third, i dropped the chopping knife on the floor almost hit my feet.

Thank God, i am still alive!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a tiring day!

Woke up early, i mean REAL early. I went to Kinarut Tamu with my parents and sister Judy. We shopped a lot of fresh items to be cooked for Judy's engagement.

Went home after spending almost two hours shopping.

At home, peeled onions, chopped chillies and vegetables.

My aunt and her two sons came over to deliver seven crates of Tiger Beer. Entertained them for an hour before they left.

Took a quick rest for an hour and then went out again to Servay Supermarket to buy 6kgs of meat and few other things. Stopped over at a bakery shop to buy 1kg of cake.

Reached home and started to slice all meat into small cubes.

Then, we went to attend Mass at Terawi Church. After service was over, bumped into my best friend aka my cousin and her family. She's heavily pregnant now with second child. Chit chat for about 20 minutes and left.

Went to 818 restaurant to have dinner with Judy's future in-laws family. Spent about 2 hours there.

Reached home and cousins already there to make the night merrier for us. Chat til past midnight and now i really need to get back to sleep while cousins are still having fun outside.

My eyes couldn't take it anymore. My sleep will be only for 3 hours and have to wake up early later at 5pm to cook my dish for the engagement lucheon.

Will also have to bathe our dog Q.

Tired. And will be going to have another tiring day later.

Wish me luck. Hope i will not pass out later...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hometown baby!

I am back in my hometown! Yey! My sister Judy is getting engaged on this Sunday.

But now i have to deal with my sinus. Damn it!

I am still happy, though! No other place like home...

Home sweet home!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Definitely not my day.

When i think i have done much possible work tasks in order to make sure flight goes smoothly, my Boss didn't think so.

That's what exactly happened just now.

For the first time, he was really mad at me. He kept telling that i didn't do my job. I have feeling he was very frustrated with me.

As much as think that i did pretty well just now, that did not worked for him.

I'm sad because i left such a bad impression to him.

How do i make it right to him now? I feel really really bad. In fact, i am still shocked with all the things he said towards me. Worse, he said it all in front all other colleagues.

He's dissappointed with me. To tell the truth i felt the same way too. Only if i could turn back time.

I felt really bad the fact that he was not happy with me job, the rest of the colleagues had to stay longer at that time because he was lecturing me. He was actually not happy with all of us but 80%, no... I think 90% was all about me.

As he finished lecturing us, he just left. He really showed his dissappointment.

I have a good colleagues, though. They somehow disagreed with whatever he said about me. Anthony said, he didn't know anything about what we were doing because he doesn't, in fact, never keep or hold the walkie-talkie with during flight operation.

Jinny said she knows exactly how i feel. She's been there before. She had even worse than what i just had. Jackie, in the other hand, said to me that what he said was totally wrong and not think or even worry about that because he had enough pressure already the whole day and that was what made him finally burst all the anger.

Despite all that, i still feel very bad. For years, not one ever been that angry about my job.

I can't promise anything too. No matter how good and efficient i am, he will never notice that now that i am such a big dissappointment to him.

I am not going to change in order to pleased him. I did pretty well, too bad he didn't see that.

This just so happened at a wrong day at a wrong situation and i was caught in between. And so i got all the blames.

I do feel bad but i can't turn back the time to make things right in his eyes, right?

I 'bitched' about what i do in my previous blog. This one of the reasons. And i just don't like it.

ROK, i apologized - I love this job because the money is good, but i don't like it if people don't appreciate my work. And i apologize that i've ruined your mood and spoiled your already-spoilt-day. Drag us all to your spoilt day if that would make you feel better.

But what else can i say. Work is work, good or bad, at the end of the day, boss is still a boss. All i can do is nod my head without saying a word to redeem my pride.

What a day! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

When too much is too much.

Seriously, i can't work with you because the way you work makes me feel like a servant. Like just now, you kept pushing me to rush the Blind passengers to board. You saw them yourself that passengers just arrived at gate, how can you rushed Blind passengers to board? Did you forget that they are Blind? Or you don't know what the word Blind is?

You - irritates me.
You - disgusts me.

For your information, we are better off without you.

There, i'm a little relieved now.