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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye Gunalan

May you rest in peace, Guna.

When i recalled back all the memories, you are one in a million. A good listener, a hilarious joker, a profesional senior officer, and a lot more... How can a person like you be forgotten? You have touched everyone's heart including mine.

I always said this to you - Guna, i am so happy everytime i see you! And jokingly i added that i am glad to see you because i know my flight will go as smooth as possible and there would be nothing to worry about if you around. And now that you are gone, i wont be able to say the same anymore. And that is sucks you know!

It will never be the same again without your status swarming on my Facebook Feeds. It will never be cheerful anymore in KLIA anymore without you making that diva walk from office to every corner of that airport. I will never see you anymore doing the gate management.

It really hurts just to think that i wont be seeing you anymore! How devastating is that?! How could you leave without saying goodbye?!

When i heard the news, my world turned to black all of sudden! How can you be so careless and got hit by train? You were supposed to be on vacation in Chennai, for God's sake! Not to die there!

But i guess, it is part of God's plans. He loves you more and that He needs a good guy like you to be with Him in heaven.

And you get to reunite with your late parents. I hope you are at peace now Guna. Be with God and your parents now. Dont worry about us being sad down here. You know that we are just mourning. It will be okay sooner or later and in the meantime, you may rest in peace now.

I really mean it, Guna. I want you to rest in peace. I'll miss you and will always be in my prayer.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

14th November 1980 - 08th September 2012.