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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pups and afternoon nap

My dad just took one of our puppy and now he is on his way to Kimanis along with the puppy. That puppy is about to have a new owner. My uncle, of course.

Now, left only 4 puppies with us. And they will also be given away to family and friends. We decide to keep just one puppy, but we haven't make up our mind which one to keep.

We can't keep them all. Even now at age of only 2 months plus, they keep fighting each other over meal!

Anyways, here are pictures of Q and Maymay - on their afternoon nap. Love them sooo much!

Awaken by my hp flash! Sorry, Q!

And another hot news! Airasia plane skidded at KCH airport.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Both of them are here!

My sister brought Q, our male dog, to stay with her for the past 4 days. She wanted our dog to accompany her female dog.

Since he was taken to my sister's house, there is definitely something missing in our life. We - are so not used to not having him around in the house.

But today, although for only short time....

here is Q and MayMay at our house!

She will take them both tonight back to her place. This time i don't know for how long. Hope she will return Q as soon as possible. We can't 'live apart' from him for any longer this time!

Well, as long as they are healthy.

2011 resolution?

To be honest, i have none.

I kindda have all sort of wishes whenever it comes to a new month. Let alone new year. Having wishes every month is very much like having a new resolution. It's just that my resolution doesn't come every new year. Mine is monthly. Not all achieved, i must say.

But i have one thing in mind, lately.

I want to settle down for REAL this time. This year i am going to be 30 years old. Well, not really the number i've been looking forward to. But then, that's life. Age is part of life. It's really up to me how to live in it.

GET MARRIED, JOY! Time is ticking out.

As much as i really want to settle down, i don't put pressure on this matter.

After all, it is just a resolution. 80% of my resolution doesn't come true.

So, i don't really rely on any expectation.

I just go with the flow. If God's willing, then I'll be on that track.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

She's back!

We are going to have another cousin soon.

My youngest aunt is back in town.

She's heavily pregnant now.... final month. Baby is soooo definitely on its way out!

I kindda hoping that she'll be here at our house when the time is finally comes.

We want to have all the adrenaline rush when it's time for birth!

Wonder how you look like, Baby.

So, we will meet you tomorrow, aunty! They said you are very preggo now. Can't wait to see you and your preggo tummy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another SMS.

I hope it would be the last SMS i received from you.

Although this you asked for forgiveness, i can't really forget about the things you've said before this.

Seriously, there are no more term as FORGIVE and FORGET. People somehow don't forget things easily. We forgive but it will always remain in our heart - whether it is good or bad.

In that last message, you said that you are sorry but at the same time redeeming your pride? What was that?

This time i just don't get you.

The one thing that really disturbed me is that you get to blast all your disagreements with me and then you said you're sorry?

Well done. You feel relieved. You did it all in one package.

And me - left alone feeling all the misery.

Hope you are happy with that.

Sunday, January 2, 2011