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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just now...

I did my hair today along with Judy at G-Cut Saloon at Megalong. Total spent including dinner and some grocery shopping, RM300.... Hmmmm.


Brenda and her supper meal!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

In a couple of hours, i'll be a wiser woman! And prettier, i hope.



Dad woke me up early this morning. He brought me and my sister, and my mum to Papar. Had our lunch there for only RM14. That was a satisfying meal and cheap!

And then, we stopped over at my uncle's place for a couple of hours.



I remember once the hurt i had from an affair that i found out years ago. Only God knows the pain i had to go through. Nothing beats the wound from a knife. It's just too much to bear.

I hate it. And it became such trauma to me just to think about it. Of course it will never be forgotten. It's not that easy to have it erased from my memory. It's haunting me from time to time.

And when my cousin's boyfriend did the samw thing to her, i feel like going there and give him a punch. Not only that, i wish i could have that catfight with that other girl! What a b.itch!

And we sisters talked about him and that girl. When the girl left such an irritable message on my facebook commenting about my sister, i got really angry! Who is she to leave such comment to someone she barely knows? What? Trying to get attention from my family?

Well, i think she regretted leaving comments on my facebook because we actually attacked her more. Evnetually, she removed all her comments from my facebook.

And guess what happened next?

The so called superhero tried to redeem back her pride by attacking more. Who is this superhero? My cousin's boyfriend. Instead of remain silence, he actually wanted to stand by her! He tried to lit up more fire on this matter.

And i got angry even more when he talked bad about my sister as if i am not related to my sister. He commented somethinb like 'i am sorry to say this. Not that i have problem with you but i really have unfinished matters with your sister.'

Come on... You're not talking to the right person here. You talk bad about my sister is just how you talk ad about me. I am not going to choose sides here if this involves my family. What an idiot!

Just so you know, i hate man who cheats on his lady. And i curse more on homewreckers.

Just remember. You are not engaged yet to my cousin. As far as i'm concern, you are still an outsider. I can kick you anytime from this family's house.

Big question? Why are you defending her?

And why are still here when you are still care about her feeling?

My sister is my family. You have no right to judge or blame my sister of mistake you've done. You are nothing to me now.

Really nothing.

So, you better treat my cousin right. You better be nice to my sister. Or i will spit your way out from this property.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


End of this February will be our last flight operation. Meaning, i'll be out of job soon. As informed by my manager, my last day will be on the 7th March.

I love my job. Especially Korean Air. I love this company more than Malaysia Airlines. I am really sad just to think that i am no longer with Korean Air. It's so painful to receive the sad news from my manager, let alone the feeling of being jobless. I can't think of any other job offered out there, my whole life i worked as an airliner. I'm only good in airline. How can i possibly work with things that i do not know?

Will i be able to find a job just like my job now?

I'm losing my job in a month, just a couple of months before my church marriage? Is that a good sign?

I'm really sad. I can't think straight. I think i'll go mad because of this.

I hope i'll find another job just like Korean Air. I've printed out all of my online course certificates i took with Korean Air.

So sad.... :(