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Monday, May 4, 2009

High BP

I didn't go to work today. My BP is high again - shocking 175/120. I just don't know what to do anymore with the high BP. I did everything - from changing my food to a healthy food, but it's getting worser. A doctor suggested that i should go back to Columbia Medical Centre but i refused because the hospital would want me to stay there.

I just don't want to be in hospital anymore.

I used to be very healthy. Why is this happening to me?

I hate my job all of sudden. Because of the extend hours they force us to do, this is what i get.

Although it is a good money from the extend hours, i won't be able to enjoy it with my BP so high.

175/120 isn't just high blood pressure, it's begin to panic, alarm-bell-ringing, ready-the-stroke kit sort of a number.

I can't do exercise. With my stupid roster, i won't be able to do even 20 minutes exercise. It is stupid. Report duty at 4am and finish work at 11pm! How stupid is that?! And until today, no one is complaining except me.

How long will this go on?! Until someone dies?