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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Wedding

The feeling is just amazing. And I finally marry my best friend, my love, my fiancée, and he is now my husband.

Like I said, it is just amazing! There is no way else how to express the feeling. It is like Magic!

But again, without my family - parents, sisters, brother in laws, cousins, friends and of my MUA, Dianna, this wedding would probably did not go as planned but it did! Thank you again to all of them, for all the hard works to make this wedding successful!

I love all of you and thank you for all the blessing and wishes!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Less than a week now...

Didn't realize that the important day for us is just around the corner. Am feeling even more nervous after i received an early gift and ang pow from my very good old friends. To my surprise, they came over to my house yesterday afternoon! Unannounced! It was really good to see them both and their kids...

Ahhh.... i miss them already. Friends come and go in our lives but Louis and Mala are among those friends who always keep in touch with me. Forget Facebook, they are the people you called true friends forever!

Too bad they couldn't attend my wedding reception, their presence would actually make the day even merrier! Maybe some other times we will have that time where we used to spend before.

Louis and Mala, thank you again for your friendship. God bless you both and children! :-)


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Sunday, May 20, 2012

my sweet little boys.

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Oh... I am so happy and excited that Phillip Phillips will be in the Finale! He and his guitar... no one can beat him actually. That shows how talented he is as an artist.

Head to head with Jessica Sanchez in the Finale. With Joshua Ledet out from the competition, Phillip will definitely win this competition.

Yesterday, after watching their performances, i told myself, if he didn't make it to the Finale, i will not watch the Finale.

But that was yesterday. I will wake up early next Thursday to watch it live!

And if he wins, my wedding on next Saturday will be even more merrier!

Be yourself and creative, as always, Mr. Phillips!


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Update - He won!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My future bro in-law accidently ran over our one year dog, Gremlin. Now its right eyes is severely injured. It has been three days since the accident and its eyes isn't getting better. Though my sister brought her to the Vet on the day she got hit, the eye is getting worse and worse.

So, me and sisters took her in to government vet again today. We didn't go back to the first vet clinic because we had experienced bad service there before, especially from the vet doctor.

Well, the doctor said that the eye is unlikely to be saved. She cleaned the eye, put some eye medicine and also eye spray. She said the eye is damaged and 'dead' already, so we just have to wait for the eye ball to come off by itself or maybe the 'dead' eye will remain there but blind.

My heart just sank to hear all that but of course i am grateful that she is alive and that there is no other injury caused from the accident. She might lose her right sight but she will never lose our love. She is a strong little dog.

We were charged RM25 only for 3 days medical check starting tomorrow. That's cheap as expected because we use government medical service. And of course i am happy with their service. They care more about animal than profit compared to private vet clinics.

In one private clinic that i used to visit, if you refused any doc advice, they will be like... okay, don't blame me if your pet dies just because you disagree on RM500-700 medical fees. And guess what, with that medical fees, when asked what are the chances for survival, they said 50/50. Right. It's like you are paying that amount to get your pet die. I had two Rottweiler died in their care. I am not going to repeat the same mistake bringing my pet there anymore. I spent quite high amount seeking their medical attention and my pet eventually died under their care.

Not only me having problem with this clinic, last year, a group of people filed a complaint and of course brought this matter to the public by publishing this on a local newspaper.

Before anyone of you decide to make an appointment with vet private clinic, try avoid Century Animals Medical Centre in Penampang, Kota Kinabalu. Goggle this clinic and you'll find out more bad reviews on this clinic. The vet's name is Dr. Dennis. Try talk to him at 10pm, he will definitely shout at you on the phone for calling him at that hour, but on his name card - 24hours on call? Think twice before printing out your name card Doc!

Enough with Dr. Dennis. At least Gremlin is not under his care but we were charged RM115 for when we first brought Gremlin to his clinic on the day Gremlin got hit. At that time we had no choice but to bring her there because it was on Sunday!

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Oh dear...

The rice cooker is broken. I have just finished washing the rice only to find the cooker is broken? It's in the middle of the night and i can't wake my mum up for help. Why do i need her? Well, i don't know how to cook it on stove.

I tried it anyway. On stove. I hope it is cooked now i have put it back inside the broken cooker. And hopefully it will be fully cooked once it is in.

Lets find out tomorrow morning then. See if anyone complains.


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Still on the right track!

Oh wow! Can't believe that i'm getting married in less than 2 weeks.

Lets hope for the best and everyone will have a good time on that day.

Oh.. before that, i have an interview on Thursday. I didn't apply this job, the manager knows me well - too bad i don't remember him by name, perhaps later when i meet him i recognize him. He said i've been doing and arranging his group during my service with Korean Air. Still, i couldn't remember him. I handled many groups from different travel agencies! After all, i do have problem remembering faces, let alone their names!

So, wish me luck on these two 'occasions'.


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