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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome back!

Been away too long.

And been busy with motherhood life eversince the birth of our little angel, baby Gwen.

Work is another thing.

One word - BUSY. But i am loving every seconds of it. Life is just getting better and better.

Now, she laughs constantly and smiles too! - oh God, just beautiful!

No words could describe how thankful i am to receive such incredible gift from heaven above.

My sister said she smells just like heaven!

She's 3 months old now. Time flies real fast, it feels just like yesterday i saw her in the incubator. But here she is with me and Bob, healthy and growing.


I am back! I know i know... Just a quick update - i am back with Korean Air. I joined on the 11th November 2013. I am glad i made this decision. I think i made a right choice. It was painful to leave such amazing colleauges, Suria and Yani, but it was painful to stay too. But i will endure the friendship i had with Suria and Yani. Forever! The job now, so far so good. By far, my manager Mr. Jo is the best manager in the world. I hope i dont need to edit this... But really, he is a good leader. Been busy with the Amway charter flights and away from my little girl. Thanks to my husband, he is taking care of her without any problem. He is a good husband though so i cant complain much ^^ Well hope i will continue blogging after this. Ciao! DJ

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gift unwrapped!

On the 13 December 2012, i gave birth to a beautiful angel.

We named her Gwen Paloma Ernest.

Thank you, Lord...!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Active movements

Baby's kicks getting stronger day by day... And i just love it! Do it again, Baby!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding and Flies

The whole day today i was looking forward to go to this wedding reception of a cousin that i barely knew.

I just couldnt wait to go probably because i cant wait to see what they are serving. And also because i am always hungry. Oh yeah, that is a plus if you are pregnant, it is like eat all you can!

But... While queuing at the food counter, my dad showed me something. Flies was everywhere! And more shockingly, there were flies' eggs on one of the dishes!

And that turned off my appetite.

I hope no one gets sick from this reception.