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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Did you know that i went to Seoul, South Korea, recently?

I found Seoul a very modern country. The subway train, the airport, the traffic... i have a long list of what they have in Korea and what we don't have here in Malaysia.

Winter season already started when i went to Seoul. It was soooo freezing but I LIKE IT. Too bad, it didn't snow during my visit there.

Maybe next time.

I want to go again!!! I LOVE Korea!

Will upload the PICTURES later!


Friday, November 26, 2010

The ups and downs of October

October was definitely one of the busiest months for me.

The ups. My sis' wedding.

While busy preparing my sister's wedding to her longtime fiancee, i was looking forward meeting my fiancee too. He arrived from KL just in time for the wedding.

When he arrived, i didn't get the chance to pick him up from the airport. I had a lot of things unsettled at that time so his housemate, Daniel, went to pick him up and sent him home in Likas.

That Friday night, we already had like a wedding 'shower' for Suzan... The Gongs been played, Beers, traditional wine, and of course - heavy dinner. Also, we had a lot of natural and technical problem! I mean, the whole day was raining heavily and black outs during the night! It didn't happen anything like that before but on eve of the wedding day, it happened. I had a very stressful time during that night because i haven't finish doing Suzan's wedding booklet.

The downs. Stroke.

I finally finished printing all the wedding booklets. It was already about 3 or 4am. I was ready to go sleep. I made a call to Bob and he told me he was at hospital. What?! I was so shocked and started to think all of silly things that could've happened to him. Accident?! Nope. Thank God! But he told me even bad news.


He arrived home at 10 past midnight. His father was the one who opened the gate. In the house, the father said lets watch Marcel's wedding DVD. They only watched it for about 20 minutes when his mother realized something was wrong with his father. Then, his mother said - your father got stroke!

When i called him, he was already at the hospital. And i asked every little details about his father's condition that time. He said, his father was ok but half of his face looked like paralyzed. He said, the father even smiled when he was questioned by the doctor.

He asked me not to worry about it. And so i did. I prayed that very moment for his father.

The next day - wedding day.

It was one hectic ceremony i've ever witnessed but ours was perfect! It was a beautiful morning and a perfect wedding for my sister. I could never asked for more. Thank God it went perfectly well.

During photo session, i saw many missed call on my handphone. Missed call from Bob. I returned his call only to hear bad news about his father. His father health condition detrotriated, worsen and he fell into coma. My mind all of sudden went blank. I just don't know what to say. Bob kept saying sorry for not able to come to the wedding. I comforted him with my positive words that i could think of that time - he'll be just fine! You'll see!

And i was wrong. His father died at 1:20pm. He called me as soon as the time of death was confirmed. I was at my sis' wedding reception.

There was a time when i felt so down - mixed feelings. I can't really express how sorry i was that time to Bob. He again kept saying sorry. There was nothing to be sorry about actually. I understand. Fully understand.

So, that day - i couldn't attend to his family matters. And he, too, couldn't attend to my family matters.

Practically, on this date of 09th October 2010 - was a happy day for my sister and a sad day for my Bob.

The next day, my families and i, went to Tuaran - to pay our last respect to his father. One man, i know as a father, laid in the coffin. I can't imagine how distraught my Bob was.

I paid my last respect and gave him as many prayers for him to rest in peace.

Fabian AM - a man i called daddy for a brief short time is gone forever.

May you Rest in Peace, Daddy. You will always be in our prayers.

This picture taken when we attended Marcel's wedding in Tuaran. Seen here, Bob's father talking to my father while my mum smiled to the camera.