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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I think the interview i had yesterday went pretty well. It was not as hard as the Mercy interview i went last month. But i don't put high hope on this though since he mentioned the vacancy is available in Sandakan. My father said, see how much they are offering, i might want to consider it later... so, it's best to just go with the flow first and decide later. I am not in hurry looking for a job now. But if offers do come, i might just accept the job, right? With all these, my father is the best advisor in this world. When i'm feeling down, he always finds a way to give his best advise to brighten my days. He's an amazing father. Well, finger crossed and lets hope for the best. -Joy-

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's up?!

What's up with me lately? First, Korean Air is no longer operating in Kota Kinabalu due to unexpected dissapointing sales demand. I rejected their offer to relocate me in Kuala Lumpur station. So, they have to let me go. I was the first to go with compensation RM 4+++.00 on the 8th March 2012. My other colleagues, Mark and Philip left two weeks after me, and Tiffany left after another two weeks. My Boss relocated to Danang, Vietnam. After my 'departure' from Korean Air, i spent most of my time and compensation money on my wedding preparation. Oh, how glad i am to have received the compensation money! After all, i am not a good in saving money compared to Hobs. While waiting for the big day, i cook and sale breakfast or lunch box to Airasia employees. Surprisingly, i am really good on this but really, it's tiring! But i just love doing it. My dad, he is not very keen to what i am doing now. I told him, this is just a hobby. Duhh! Still, despite the busy-ness, i miss my colleagues, i miss Korean Air! To date, Korean Air is the best company to work with. There were times where i regreted leaving this company, but decision had to be made. And the result of the decision is i want to stay at my hometown. I can't risk my remaining adult years staying away from my family. Later in the afternoon, i have an interview session at Penampang Point. Wish me luck although i am not sure what sort of company is that. Let's hope for a good position though. Xoxo :-)