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Friday, October 19, 2012

Active movements

Baby's kicks getting stronger day by day... And i just love it! Do it again, Baby!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding and Flies

The whole day today i was looking forward to go to this wedding reception of a cousin that i barely knew.

I just couldnt wait to go probably because i cant wait to see what they are serving. And also because i am always hungry. Oh yeah, that is a plus if you are pregnant, it is like eat all you can!

But... While queuing at the food counter, my dad showed me something. Flies was everywhere! And more shockingly, there were flies' eggs on one of the dishes!

And that turned off my appetite.

I hope no one gets sick from this reception.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's been raining all day. Are we in rain season already?

Hope everyone out there reaches home safely.

Little angel

Just look at her! Such an angel...

Baby April.
During this pregnancy, i had to visit two different place for prenatal check ups. Well, the other one doesnt include prenatal checks though but i still visit the clinic for other things.

I had my first ultrasound check with the printed baby scan at Klinik Tokou in Donggongon because i just need to make sure that there is something growing inside me. And Bang! There is one! I almost cried when the doctor showed me the baby's heart.

Then the doc said, i should really start visiting the government clinics for prenatal checks. He suggested me that i should go to government practice clinic rather than to a private and expensive hospital.

And so i followed his advice and started to go to Klinik Kesihatan Putatan for all my check ups. It's free and free as long as you can stand the long queues! Ooooh dear, the queues are so long with loud noises of children playing and running around. I cant tell which one is the parent because there are just too many of them in there. That place similar to fish market! Even the nurses had to shout for patients names. Only 1 to 2 rooms using number system, the rest is by shouting out the names!

Well i cant just switch clinic after registering myself in here and most of the lab tests such as blood test and urine test been done here. So i dont think i want to go all through that again or start all over again if i switch clinic.

The reason why i choose to stay is because the nurse treat me good. Once you are in the nurse's room, you almost forget how busy it was at the waiting area. They talked to you nicely and really concern about you being pregnant. That's the only reason why i stick to this clinic.

Other than that, you have to stick your arse to the fact that every visit will takes about 4-5 hours TOP! I just hope anyone out there who decided to use this clinic must be as patience as i am! It's not an easy task to be in that long queue espeacially when you are pregnant like me.

I still visit the first clinic because i need updates on baby ultrasound and of course some printouts too because i just need to update my Husband using that printouts. The government clinic does the ultrasound too but they dont have the printout facilities. Darn!

Talking about which place you need to go for prenatal checks doesnt really matter if you go to government or private. To me as long as i receive the treatment that i should receive during this pregnancy, im all good. If you are willing to spend extra cash in private clinic, go for it! You will still receive the same treatment, same medicine, just minus the long queue and noises.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I dont feel tired. I am still on that active mode. Mum said, take easy on each thing i do but, especially at work, i tend to forget that i am actually pregnant! Thank God i dont run anymore from counter to gate or vice versa. I managed to slow it down by walking fast! Hahaha....

Anyway, im now 22nd week pregnant. Is my belly huge? Husband said it is showing already. I begin to feel the baby twist and turn in my belly somewhere last week or probably in last two weeks. It feels amazing!

I went to KL last Friday to stay a few days with Husband. I was soooo happy just to meet and spend couple of days with him. Yep, i cant deny the fact that im am quite sad to see us not staying together. Especially when i am pregnant. Whilst other couples stay together right after their marriage, me and Husband on the other hand, have to be in that long distance relationship as husband and wife... Due to work commitment, he has to stay in KL and me here in KK. He is planning to quit the job and will find another job here in KK. In the meantime, we will just have to agree this method, we will keep visiting each other whenever we have the chance. And of course, phone calls are important too.

I sprain my wrist while sleeping and it still hurts until today. The worst part is that i sprain my right wrist. I cant write properly and even having hard times driving car. It has been 2 full weeks now and the pain hasnt got down yet. I think the pain is part of the nature in pregnancy. My dad said, being pregnant is not easy and that includes all the pains. Oooo... I just hope it is not because i broke my wrist or anything worse than that. If this because of pregnancy, i will take it - cant complain much. After all, despite of the pain, i am still feeling overjoyed with this pregnancy. So, that pain dont really bother me that much.

I pray to God, like always, to bless and grant me and Husband and my baby a good health, and same goes to my family and his family. I am just thankful that i still have my family with me and that i can seek their help with my pregnancy while husband is away in KL. So far, all of them are very supportive and i am soooo blessed to even born in this family.

Last night, we had a rosary prayer at my mother in law's place for my late father in law 2 years death anniversary. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday too is my sister's 2nd year wedding anniversary. I wished her by sending text but didnt get anyrelly from her. She probably busy arranging candlelight dinner with her husband. I hope soon she will get pregnant too!

Picture inset is the latest ultrasound image i took last week so i could show it to Husband when i visited him last Friday.

I still dont know its gender. I was like okay baby, surprise mummy!

Ooppps, that's another picture of me and Husband. Look, im huge already!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye Gunalan

May you rest in peace, Guna.

When i recalled back all the memories, you are one in a million. A good listener, a hilarious joker, a profesional senior officer, and a lot more... How can a person like you be forgotten? You have touched everyone's heart including mine.

I always said this to you - Guna, i am so happy everytime i see you! And jokingly i added that i am glad to see you because i know my flight will go as smooth as possible and there would be nothing to worry about if you around. And now that you are gone, i wont be able to say the same anymore. And that is sucks you know!

It will never be the same again without your status swarming on my Facebook Feeds. It will never be cheerful anymore in KLIA anymore without you making that diva walk from office to every corner of that airport. I will never see you anymore doing the gate management.

It really hurts just to think that i wont be seeing you anymore! How devastating is that?! How could you leave without saying goodbye?!

When i heard the news, my world turned to black all of sudden! How can you be so careless and got hit by train? You were supposed to be on vacation in Chennai, for God's sake! Not to die there!

But i guess, it is part of God's plans. He loves you more and that He needs a good guy like you to be with Him in heaven.

And you get to reunite with your late parents. I hope you are at peace now Guna. Be with God and your parents now. Dont worry about us being sad down here. You know that we are just mourning. It will be okay sooner or later and in the meantime, you may rest in peace now.

I really mean it, Guna. I want you to rest in peace. I'll miss you and will always be in my prayer.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

14th November 1980 - 08th September 2012.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sleepy head

The job is good but once everything is done, i am back to this sleepy mode - head banging some more! There is nothing to talk really because only me and Hafiz working in morning shift. The girls will only report in at 3pm.

At 2pm sharp, i am gone! Can't stand the sleepy war! Seriously, i feel dumb at this moment. I guess Hafiz is feeling the same thing too. We are both sleepy!

Picture - me myself and me - one that about to hit her head on the desk - sleeeeeeeeeeppppppyyyyyyyy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

That little angel of ours

I went to clinic on the 31st July 2012 to get my pregnant tummy scanned. I went with my sister, Judy.

Doc confirmed to me that I am indeed pregnant and when he he showed me that ultrasound image on the monitor screen, my gosh! There is a little baby inside me.

I had ultrasound scan a month ago but it was still tiny as a green bean! It's just amazing that in only a month, it grows rapidly! I am blessed, me and my husband are truly blessed and I thank God for this gift!

When this ultrasound image was taken, fetus is at 11 weeks and 3 days old.

Can't wait to see 'you' on my next visit with Doctor!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have no idea what really made me moved back to my hometown. After seeing almost everyone in the family hates my presence, I totally have no clue what made me actually.

I somehow become the 'wrong' person when I thought I was doing something right. Lately, I am always the Wrong Wrong Wrong person, or should I just say it as what my father thought of me - well, according to him, I'm not a good person. I cried the whole day when my youngest sister informed me that.

Why do I have this family problem all of sudden? Is it because I'm that person who is strict, not into socializing, doesn't joke around, takes thing or matter seriously? But above all that, I'm doing my best to please everyone. Yet, to someone, I am the black ones.

I can't really tell what and what or how and how or even why and why. The truth is I was never given the chance to say what I'm feeling. The worst thing is that someone was already there to explain completely the opposite! And that is what made everyone looked at me like I'm some criminal.

All I can do now is keep quite to not make things even worst. Even communications have to be limited, I guess. Obviously, it is not going to be the same again.

My husband said, let it be and there is no need to clarify myself because I would only be wasting my time. He is right. Honestly, it is not a wise decision to redeem my pride especially from my own family. Sooner or later they will find out themselves. I don't need to do that for them, I had enough actually pointing fingers.

The worst thing of all is that I'm having all this problem while I'm in my early pregnancy! There's a lot crying and stressful feeling than joy.

But I thank God everyday, that I have Him to lead me and a few supports from my mother and youngest sister and of course, my husband - the best listener ever.

May I will not be seen as black as what they have heard from - I decided not to mention the name here. And despite all that sadness I'm feeling, me and my baby will be as happy as we can be and healthy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Career

Three days ago I received a good news from Royal Brunei. They have accepted my application and I will start working on 1st August 2012.

Yesterday, the manager personally called me to tell me of the good news and that he wanted to see me before I start working - he is in KL, by the way.

I am so thankful that I'm given this chance again! Working in the airport is the only place I feel comfortable at.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers. It is another gift you gave to me and I'm sure there is a lot more coming.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're expecting!

Looks like both of us are not wasting our time!

While some people have to wait longer, I am just so thankful that we are this soon.

We are so blessed! Thank you, Lord!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Wedding

The feeling is just amazing. And I finally marry my best friend, my love, my fiancée, and he is now my husband.

Like I said, it is just amazing! There is no way else how to express the feeling. It is like Magic!

But again, without my family - parents, sisters, brother in laws, cousins, friends and of my MUA, Dianna, this wedding would probably did not go as planned but it did! Thank you again to all of them, for all the hard works to make this wedding successful!

I love all of you and thank you for all the blessing and wishes!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Less than a week now...

Didn't realize that the important day for us is just around the corner. Am feeling even more nervous after i received an early gift and ang pow from my very good old friends. To my surprise, they came over to my house yesterday afternoon! Unannounced! It was really good to see them both and their kids...

Ahhh.... i miss them already. Friends come and go in our lives but Louis and Mala are among those friends who always keep in touch with me. Forget Facebook, they are the people you called true friends forever!

Too bad they couldn't attend my wedding reception, their presence would actually make the day even merrier! Maybe some other times we will have that time where we used to spend before.

Louis and Mala, thank you again for your friendship. God bless you both and children! :-)


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Sunday, May 20, 2012

my sweet little boys.

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Oh... I am so happy and excited that Phillip Phillips will be in the Finale! He and his guitar... no one can beat him actually. That shows how talented he is as an artist.

Head to head with Jessica Sanchez in the Finale. With Joshua Ledet out from the competition, Phillip will definitely win this competition.

Yesterday, after watching their performances, i told myself, if he didn't make it to the Finale, i will not watch the Finale.

But that was yesterday. I will wake up early next Thursday to watch it live!

And if he wins, my wedding on next Saturday will be even more merrier!

Be yourself and creative, as always, Mr. Phillips!


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Update - He won!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My future bro in-law accidently ran over our one year dog, Gremlin. Now its right eyes is severely injured. It has been three days since the accident and its eyes isn't getting better. Though my sister brought her to the Vet on the day she got hit, the eye is getting worse and worse.

So, me and sisters took her in to government vet again today. We didn't go back to the first vet clinic because we had experienced bad service there before, especially from the vet doctor.

Well, the doctor said that the eye is unlikely to be saved. She cleaned the eye, put some eye medicine and also eye spray. She said the eye is damaged and 'dead' already, so we just have to wait for the eye ball to come off by itself or maybe the 'dead' eye will remain there but blind.

My heart just sank to hear all that but of course i am grateful that she is alive and that there is no other injury caused from the accident. She might lose her right sight but she will never lose our love. She is a strong little dog.

We were charged RM25 only for 3 days medical check starting tomorrow. That's cheap as expected because we use government medical service. And of course i am happy with their service. They care more about animal than profit compared to private vet clinics.

In one private clinic that i used to visit, if you refused any doc advice, they will be like... okay, don't blame me if your pet dies just because you disagree on RM500-700 medical fees. And guess what, with that medical fees, when asked what are the chances for survival, they said 50/50. Right. It's like you are paying that amount to get your pet die. I had two Rottweiler died in their care. I am not going to repeat the same mistake bringing my pet there anymore. I spent quite high amount seeking their medical attention and my pet eventually died under their care.

Not only me having problem with this clinic, last year, a group of people filed a complaint and of course brought this matter to the public by publishing this on a local newspaper.

Before anyone of you decide to make an appointment with vet private clinic, try avoid Century Animals Medical Centre in Penampang, Kota Kinabalu. Goggle this clinic and you'll find out more bad reviews on this clinic. The vet's name is Dr. Dennis. Try talk to him at 10pm, he will definitely shout at you on the phone for calling him at that hour, but on his name card - 24hours on call? Think twice before printing out your name card Doc!

Enough with Dr. Dennis. At least Gremlin is not under his care but we were charged RM115 for when we first brought Gremlin to his clinic on the day Gremlin got hit. At that time we had no choice but to bring her there because it was on Sunday!

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Oh dear...

The rice cooker is broken. I have just finished washing the rice only to find the cooker is broken? It's in the middle of the night and i can't wake my mum up for help. Why do i need her? Well, i don't know how to cook it on stove.

I tried it anyway. On stove. I hope it is cooked now i have put it back inside the broken cooker. And hopefully it will be fully cooked once it is in.

Lets find out tomorrow morning then. See if anyone complains.


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Still on the right track!

Oh wow! Can't believe that i'm getting married in less than 2 weeks.

Lets hope for the best and everyone will have a good time on that day.

Oh.. before that, i have an interview on Thursday. I didn't apply this job, the manager knows me well - too bad i don't remember him by name, perhaps later when i meet him i recognize him. He said i've been doing and arranging his group during my service with Korean Air. Still, i couldn't remember him. I handled many groups from different travel agencies! After all, i do have problem remembering faces, let alone their names!

So, wish me luck on these two 'occasions'.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I think the interview i had yesterday went pretty well. It was not as hard as the Mercy interview i went last month. But i don't put high hope on this though since he mentioned the vacancy is available in Sandakan. My father said, see how much they are offering, i might want to consider it later... so, it's best to just go with the flow first and decide later. I am not in hurry looking for a job now. But if offers do come, i might just accept the job, right? With all these, my father is the best advisor in this world. When i'm feeling down, he always finds a way to give his best advise to brighten my days. He's an amazing father. Well, finger crossed and lets hope for the best. -Joy-

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's up?!

What's up with me lately? First, Korean Air is no longer operating in Kota Kinabalu due to unexpected dissapointing sales demand. I rejected their offer to relocate me in Kuala Lumpur station. So, they have to let me go. I was the first to go with compensation RM 4+++.00 on the 8th March 2012. My other colleagues, Mark and Philip left two weeks after me, and Tiffany left after another two weeks. My Boss relocated to Danang, Vietnam. After my 'departure' from Korean Air, i spent most of my time and compensation money on my wedding preparation. Oh, how glad i am to have received the compensation money! After all, i am not a good in saving money compared to Hobs. While waiting for the big day, i cook and sale breakfast or lunch box to Airasia employees. Surprisingly, i am really good on this but really, it's tiring! But i just love doing it. My dad, he is not very keen to what i am doing now. I told him, this is just a hobby. Duhh! Still, despite the busy-ness, i miss my colleagues, i miss Korean Air! To date, Korean Air is the best company to work with. There were times where i regreted leaving this company, but decision had to be made. And the result of the decision is i want to stay at my hometown. I can't risk my remaining adult years staying away from my family. Later in the afternoon, i have an interview session at Penampang Point. Wish me luck although i am not sure what sort of company is that. Let's hope for a good position though. Xoxo :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just now...

I did my hair today along with Judy at G-Cut Saloon at Megalong. Total spent including dinner and some grocery shopping, RM300.... Hmmmm.


Brenda and her supper meal!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

In a couple of hours, i'll be a wiser woman! And prettier, i hope.



Dad woke me up early this morning. He brought me and my sister, and my mum to Papar. Had our lunch there for only RM14. That was a satisfying meal and cheap!

And then, we stopped over at my uncle's place for a couple of hours.



I remember once the hurt i had from an affair that i found out years ago. Only God knows the pain i had to go through. Nothing beats the wound from a knife. It's just too much to bear.

I hate it. And it became such trauma to me just to think about it. Of course it will never be forgotten. It's not that easy to have it erased from my memory. It's haunting me from time to time.

And when my cousin's boyfriend did the samw thing to her, i feel like going there and give him a punch. Not only that, i wish i could have that catfight with that other girl! What a b.itch!

And we sisters talked about him and that girl. When the girl left such an irritable message on my facebook commenting about my sister, i got really angry! Who is she to leave such comment to someone she barely knows? What? Trying to get attention from my family?

Well, i think she regretted leaving comments on my facebook because we actually attacked her more. Evnetually, she removed all her comments from my facebook.

And guess what happened next?

The so called superhero tried to redeem back her pride by attacking more. Who is this superhero? My cousin's boyfriend. Instead of remain silence, he actually wanted to stand by her! He tried to lit up more fire on this matter.

And i got angry even more when he talked bad about my sister as if i am not related to my sister. He commented somethinb like 'i am sorry to say this. Not that i have problem with you but i really have unfinished matters with your sister.'

Come on... You're not talking to the right person here. You talk bad about my sister is just how you talk ad about me. I am not going to choose sides here if this involves my family. What an idiot!

Just so you know, i hate man who cheats on his lady. And i curse more on homewreckers.

Just remember. You are not engaged yet to my cousin. As far as i'm concern, you are still an outsider. I can kick you anytime from this family's house.

Big question? Why are you defending her?

And why are still here when you are still care about her feeling?

My sister is my family. You have no right to judge or blame my sister of mistake you've done. You are nothing to me now.

Really nothing.

So, you better treat my cousin right. You better be nice to my sister. Or i will spit your way out from this property.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


End of this February will be our last flight operation. Meaning, i'll be out of job soon. As informed by my manager, my last day will be on the 7th March.

I love my job. Especially Korean Air. I love this company more than Malaysia Airlines. I am really sad just to think that i am no longer with Korean Air. It's so painful to receive the sad news from my manager, let alone the feeling of being jobless. I can't think of any other job offered out there, my whole life i worked as an airliner. I'm only good in airline. How can i possibly work with things that i do not know?

Will i be able to find a job just like my job now?

I'm losing my job in a month, just a couple of months before my church marriage? Is that a good sign?

I'm really sad. I can't think straight. I think i'll go mad because of this.

I hope i'll find another job just like Korean Air. I've printed out all of my online course certificates i took with Korean Air.

So sad.... :(

Friday, January 27, 2012

70's and Birkin + Gainsbourg

I was looking for a perfect dress for my bridesmaids, and i found this amazing site - photo collections from the 70's with models such as Twiggy, Faye Dunaway, Brigitte Bardot, Goldie Hawn, Birkin and Gainsbourg.

Check it out on Mini.

As for Birkin and Gainsbourg, i know these two from a song, if i'm not mistaken, the song is banned in some countries. Yeah, well, i still love to hear the song, because it's in French.

Listen here.


Sunday, January 8, 2012


They are sending me to Seoul for a week. Again. This time for Company Orientation. I last visited Seoul in November 2010. I was supposed to go Seoul in December but cancelled due to my dispatch duty in KLIA.

What i like about this coming course is the winter season. This time with snow! It was also winter season when i went there before but there was no snow. Erk... Too bad, i was actually looking forward to it... My colleagues said it is snowing everyday now in Seoul! And it is expected to continue until April...

For this course, i am the only Malaysian staff. My room-mate is from Los Angeles. She's a Korean but a citizen of United States. I hope we are good and understand well each others as you can see, i only speak very basic English with grammar problem here and there... But all in all, i love the fact that i will be meeting new friends throughout this course! Additional to my Facebook friendlist.

My BKI colleague, Caroline, had tendered her resignation letter early this week. I can sense that all her tasks will be handed over to me... What a huge workload! Plus, i am not good in handling invoices, whatever debit/credit notes, accounts, formal letters.... I don't if i can handle them all. The whole this is actually begin to freak me out!

That would be next week. She will start giving me all her jobs next week before she leaves on Friday.

I hope my mind will be positive, smart and able to remember all. Hope the workload is fun and not torturing....

I have to get ready. Will continue later.



oh wait... it's not happening. for the second time. duhh!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Husband and wife

When it happened? December 28th, 2011. Like what a friend said on my Facebook, this is the best Christmas and New Year gift.

Yes. We're married. He's my husband and I'm his wife. And we are both glad and happy we did this, finally.

I love you, Hobbes, my husband.