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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Young and Stupid?

Post deleted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Temporarily posting.

I started my first day at KULKK Korean Air, KLIA on 01st June 2011. I started my day traveling from BKI to KUL with great nervous. To compare with my BKI station, KUL is more challenging. You'll see lots of unexpected event here than BKI.

But i think, i made it okay - so far so good with new surrounding of office, KULKK colleagues, my Boss (also known as ROK, our South East Asia big Boss - splendid!) but most of all - to see all my good friends in KLIA, and of course, i am all over the moon to meet the one and only, my dearest friend - Dzul!

I only met Dzul after one week since i started working there. I was sooo excited to meet him. We both gave a quick hug before sharing good jokes and chats.

We are good friends and UNMARRIED! - that was our first laugh.

Nothing much at home. Bob is having skin problem that even i can't explain how hurt i am to see him in that condition. I cleaned the house 100% with Dettol (i blamed all the unseen bacteria or whatever you may call them.) Called my parents to seek their advice. I think i did all that i could to help him.

Despite all that, we still spend good times with each other. Trying to spend all that little quality times we have. We hardly see each because of our opposite working hours. He's on office hour whilst i'm on night shift - only. My off days are not same as his. There, imagine that yourself.

So far, during my first 2 weeks here, i've been living in a Box. We didn't go out much. But thanks to One Tree Hill (we are on Season 4 now), at least we are spending our times together watching that series.

There is one more thing i'd like to write here. As much as i think of Wow!, it also worried me sometimes. I've been losing weight radically. I came here with 74KG and an hour ago i weighed only 68KG? In two weeks?! How even that is possible for someone like me who rarely do exercise and diet?

Am i sick?

Finger-crossed. I hope this is healthy though.

Or is it because i am soooo homesick? I miss my family back home. I hope this temporarily posting is really temporarily.